Best 2-player Xbox one games in 2022
Best 2-player Xbox one games in 2022
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Best 2-player Xbox one games in 2022

2020 marked the release of Microsoft’s next-generation consoles, including the Xbox Series X console. The move to superior consoles means gamers can now enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. But why not share the experience with a partner? 

The Xbox One included a variety of the top two-player games on Xbox that teams of two players could play to play and play with. The best part? The majority of the games Best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One and PS4 are cross-platform!

The following games show why acquiring an additional Xbox controller would be a great option, and all of the two-player games are compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X. 

The top 10 2-player games available on Xbox 2022-Terraify
The top 10 2-player games available on Xbox 2022

If you’re in the market for an opportunity to play side-by-side playing with the Xbox console with your friend, This is the list of the top games. Be sure to take the time to browse our Xbox controller deals if you want to save cash by buying another Xbox controller.

Suppose you’re looking to test the bond of marriage by playing as a small couple of husband and wife or blast through hell as the four horses of the apocalypse. In that case, there are plenty of multiplayer cooperative games for Xbox which will satisfy all tastes. 

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Therefore, without further delay, here are the top 2 player games for Xbox available. If you’re interested in finding more of the top Xbox games, check out our comprehensive page that lists the most recent and best games on Xbox.

From competitive shooters to challenging platformers, these are the best 2 player Xbox games right now

List of 2 Player games on Xbox 2022

It Takes Two

It Takes Two-Terraify
It Takes Two

If there was ever doubt that two-player Xbox games were not an option in 2021, Takes two from Hazelight Studio has proved the critics incorrect. It’s a completely cooperative bigger-than-life experience in which you and your friend play the role of a couple who divorced and were reduced to dolls. You must work together to puzzle and navigate their way into their daughters. It’s among the top two-player games on Xbox because it’s with creative concepts that only get more exciting as you progress from the garden to the shed to home.

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Cody May and May are always forced into situations where they collaborate to get to the next stage. Along the way are a myriad of delightful characters. Some are toys your child will love that provide additional information on the ways you can assist. Its fun and whimsical tale are supported by a myriad of mechanical systems that continually shake things up, which is why it’s among the most enjoyable games for two players on Xbox. You won’t be disappointed!



While simultaneously a brutal 2D side-scroller and a heartfelt tribute to the past cartoons, Cuphead is the ultimate boss-rush game that will not be afraid to kill you with a touch of charm… practically. One player plays the character of Cuphead, while another player can join in as Mugman. 

Together, you’ll have to master the strategies of the enemies you encounter shooting and running to discover how far you can achieve.

What distinguishes Cuphead among the top 2 players of Xbox One Read More Best Rpg Games Xbox One games is its gorgeous design style, which faithfully recreates the 1930s-era cartoon style of art thanks to skilled work by the studio behind it. 

This beautiful design comes with a game that’s equally rewarding as well as challenging. It’s guaranteed to bring an uplifting smile to your face regardless of getting teased by your bosses regularly.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2-Terraify
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

There were many LEGO games we could have chosen for this list. However, we decided on one of the latest highly ambitious games within LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. as a sequel to the 2013’s original, this one is more powerful and improved in every aspect and is exploring Marvel’s back catalog of comic book villains from the obscure that can sit alongside the most popular characters such as Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the X-Men.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a completely original story that is free of the usual MCU restrictions and challenges you and a friend to battle Kang, the conqueror, through a split-reality of famous places. You’ll smash, smash, and solve puzzles in each one, hone the capabilities of the dozens of heroes featured in this game, and have fun playing it. 

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

If you’re looking for the most enjoyable 2-player Xbox One games suited to every family member, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is a fantastic option!

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2-Terraify
Warhammer: Vermintide 2

If you’re looking for iconic classic games for cooperative play and fun, Xbox is the Xbox brand most recognizable with the anarchic gameplay from The Left 4 Dead series. Unfortunately, Valve refuses to treat us with a new entry; however, one of the top 2 players’ Xbox One games is a game that uses a similar concept of cooperative first-person play and is set in an incredible fantasy world. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 sees three players, and you fight against endless mobs of enemies in 13 challenging missions.

There is no cooperative game with friends in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 ever should be exactly similar due to the many weapons and classes that are which are available. 

You could pick up the sword and begin hacking rats with the hope that you can make an impact, but why not try an Elven Spear or a longbow to help you stay away? This variety will keep players returning for more Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for more. It’s the reason it ranks on our list of the top two-player Xbox One games.

Gears 5

Gears 5-Terraify
Gears 5

The Gears of War franchise came back with a bang in 2019, propelling the narrative forward with each focus being on the new protagonist of the series Kait Diaz. The journey she embarks on to discover herself is completely playable in two players cooperative, providing the ideal base for you and your friend to cause chaos among the hordes of Locust. This is the first cover-shooting series, and it’s no more thrilling than this native Xbox series which continues to provide huge quantities of action.

Gears 5 features the same excellent mix of the single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer. However, returning is the infamous Horde mode. In this mode, you and three players battle endless waves of Locust and compete for the length of time you’ll remain. 

Also new to Gears 5 is the Escape mode, centered on quick reflexes and cooperation but also challenges you to get out as you go. Gears 5 is one of the top Xbox One games and one of the top two players’ Xbox One games, too.

Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis-Terraify
Darksiders Genesis

It was initially a bit strange. It was initially a bit odd that Darksiders was a top-down game for this spin-off with cooperative gameplay. However, it’s just some minutes before you, and a companion is tearing and tearing through the hordes of demons and angels easily. One person is the reins of War while the other plays with Strife. Darksiders Genesis is one of the most enjoyable two-player Xbox One games because both are unique, letting two players unleash a torrent of destruction across multiple areas of the Underworld.

Strife has two powerful guns that keep the enemy away from afar. War is armed with his legendary Chaoseater sword to cut at and slice his way too close. Darksiders Genesis may not be an original entry; however, the series’ distinctive features – such as exploration, light puzzle solving, and a satisfying battle – are maintained. This is why it’s a fun version of the series and is one of the best two players Xbox One games out there.

A Way Out

A Way Out-Terraify
A Way Out

A few 2-player Xbox One games are as innovative as 2018. A Way Out is a third-person adventure that draws heavily on the inspiration of Prison Break fiction to set two players on a co-op adventure, where the TV is split-screen throughout the duration. One of you takes the character of Vincent, and another step into the role of Leo. From there, the two criminals embark on an action-packed adventure in which you are in hiding and have to cooperate to escape successfully.

The most attractive feature of A Way Out is that it only has one requirement to be played. A valid Xbox One copy is required to play. Make sure you can download your potential friend to the Xbox One demo, and you and your partner can participate in the game without worrying. 

It’s among the best games available for two players that you can play with Xbox One, not least since co-op is your only possibility to play throughout the day and, most importantly, for a single time with a person who is captivated from the beginning to the ending.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection-Terraify
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo Master Chief Collection Master Chief Collection is an absolute must-have for any player of the ever-popular Xbox series that brings all of the mainline games and throwing with new features to keep them current. The initial three Halo game supports two players playing on two screens, making Covenant and the Flood as well as Covenant in the attempt to save the planet to save the world all the more exciting.

As good as the most recent Halo titles are, this latest entry is the absolute star of this collection. The entire game is completely revamped from scratch with fresh gameplay elements and graphics, exactly like it did ten years earlier. The famous Blur studio also corrected the cutscenes, making it a necessary experience for players who cooperate and are among the top two-player Xbox One games.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2-Terraify
Overcooked 2

If you’re an Xbox player who enjoys eating and fighting, both elements come together in the enthralling but highly volatile Overcooked 2. The chaotic sequel of Team17 makes several improvements to the culinary jousting that two-player chefs have to perform and requires you to provide more dishes to hungry clients while navigating many of the most bizarre obstacles. 

In one moment, you could be cooking in an air balloon, and the next, you might be in a completely different world. Whatever the case, Overcooked two is one of the top two player Xbox One games primed to make every gamer’s relationship more challenging.

Overcooked 2: The onion kingdom is in danger at the hands of the legendary Necronominomicon, who has devised an ill-conceived plan to harm chefs worldwide. It’s up to you to cook through a new variety of kitchen layouts that are a bit out of the ordinary, cutting, cleaning, and serving, all while maintaining the conversation with your fellow co-op player. 

Overcooked two can support as many as four people locally, meaning there’s no dull moment for split-screen gamers who love party games. Overcooked two could create friction, but it’s an ideal challenge for chefs.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands-Terraify
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The latest game in this list is one of the top two-player games available on Xbox. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a fantasy-themed spin-off from the Borderlands series, offering an exciting twist on the tried and true formula. Enjoy a wild adventure with the Dungeons and Dragons DM Tiny Tina, whom the phenomenally talented Ashley Burch voices. 

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has let the Gearbox artists be crazy with their brand new environments due to the unique fantasy setting, and it’s truly refreshing from the stale and boring backgrounds you’ve grown accustomed to from Borderlands. The writing is also sharp, with the typical zany humor you’ve expected from Gearbox’s games. However, it’s much more in the same place as Borderlands 3.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is still a Borderlands game, which is a looter shooter game played by at least four other players playing in co-op. Explore the world from mission to task shooting down the most enemies you can while they explode into huge loot pools! With more personalization options than ever before as the result of six classes and the introduction of multi-classing. 

You can now define your place in the team while playing one of the most enjoyable two players games available on Xbox.

Honorable mentions:

Rayman Legends

2D side-scrolling games aren’t as fun or imaginative as Rayman Legends. The game was first released on Xbox 360 before moving to next-gen platforms. You, along with up to three other players, can enjoy color must dash through, smash and crash your way through the various levels that will see you moving around to beats, looking for treasures, and much more. 

This is the ultimate version of the chaotic game that was initially laid out by Rayman Origins, bringing all of the levels from that game into this game (alongside numerous other groups) to create one of the most enjoyable two-player Xbox games on the market.

Streets of Rage 4

The side-scrolling game in Streets of Rage hadn’t been played for a long time until the fourth and final entry was released. The waiting was well worth it. Streets of Rage 4 is an open and honest love letter to the first games that again challenge you and your player to slash through the enemy on the 2D space. The stunning art style might be replaced with the new look of comic books; however, Streets of Rage 4 should be a great game for two-player Xbox fans worldwide.

Minecraft Dungeons

You’re looking for a more enjoyable version of Diablo’s dungeon-crawling that you can play with everyone in the family. Minecraft Dungeons is a colorful alternative that fills the slot, showing Diablo’s popular game in an entirely new perspective from the top and letting you and your friends explore it. 

Four players can play simultaneously online via the internet or locally with the same console and try to find the most recent loot to improve the player’s skills. Minecraft Dungeons is breezy fun, and that is why it is barelyn’t on our list of top 2 players’ Xbox games.

Unravel Two

The first Unravel was a delightful puzzle platformer focused on a woolly teddy attempting to make it through an unsafe and hostile environment. The game was played by soaring across obstacles, leaping over platforms, and flipping the occasional switch. If you thought this game was too much effort the first time, worry not because a blue Yarny joins the red Yarny. This adds an entirely new element for the 2D puzzles that await you in Unravel Two.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

What’s better than a single Borderlands game? Two, of course. This is why it’s Borderlands the Handsome Collection, not Borderlands 3, which makes it on our list. 

The graphics may not be far from stunning, but the great package that’s Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel remains stunning, particularly when played with the Xbox One’s new 4K resolution and HDR enhancements. Exploring and shooting across the planets with your partner has never been more enjoyable.

With 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution, Borderlands The Handsome Collection represents one of the most smooth first-person shooters featuring cooperative gameplay that can be played with friends on Xbox One. 

If you’re enjoying Borderlands 2 or The Pre-Sequel game, you, together with three other players, can create your vault hunter classes and improve their skills until they improve their skills to an incredible level. They’re joined by many weapons created using a procedural method to make The Handsome Collection one of the most enjoyable two-player Xbox One games but one of the most inventive shooters available on the console.

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