Best Over-Ear Workout Headphones in 2022
Best Over Ear Workout Headphones
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Best Over-Ear Workout Headphones in 2022

I’ve been reviewing audio products for over a decade and can help you find the best over-ear workout headphones product for your needs. After testing multiple over-ear headphones for working out and checking these THE BEST HEADPHONES FOR ZOOM MEETINGS, our view is that the Best over-ear headphone for working out is the.

Best Over-Ear Headphones For Working-Terraify
Best Over-Ear Headphones For Working

What are the features that make the best over-ear headphones for working out? These audio devices offer excellent sound quality and a super comfortable fit


Apple AirPods Max

  • Anodised Aluminium 
  • Cups Comfortable Ear Cushions 
  • Digital Crown and Hi-Fidelity Audio 
  • Immersive listening

However, if you are on a tighter budget and prefer something that works, here is another alternative.

Philips SHP 9500

  • 50mm High Power Drivers 
  • Open-back, over-ear headphones 
  • Breathable Ear Cushions 
  • Precisely Angled Drivers

Keep reading to learn more about different over-ear headphones for working out.

As people have different tastes and preferences, I’ve included 16 reviews of over-ear headphones, including what makes each unique.

Below is a snapshot of the best over-ear headphones for working out.

We have also prepared a buyer’s guide in addition to the over-ear headphones for working out reviews below so that you can know what to consider before purchasing.

Without further ado, let’s look at and review the types of exercise headphones you can use.

Can you work out with over-ear headphones?

The answer is yes. Advances in technology and design have made over-ear headphones perfect for working out.

There can also be lots of Noise in the gym, and headphones allow you to focus on your workout without getting disturbed.

So without further ado, here are the


Best wireless over-ear headphones for working out

Sennheiser HD-25

Sennheiser HD-25 terraify
Sennheiser HD-25


  • Thumpy Bass and Crisp Treble
  • Lightweight
  • Good clamping force
  • Rotatable Ear Cup
  • Extra Ear Pads Included
  • Carry Pouch


  • Average Sweat resistance
  • Better Suited to mixing and DJaying

Why We Like It

Closed-back design and professional monitoring facilitate the reduction of outside Noise.

Designed to withstand high sound pressure levels and can therefore withstand high-pressure environments.

These are multipurpose headphones. You can use them at the gym, the club as a DJ, and the studio.

The Bass is thumpy yet crisp.

The Sound is versatile and balances low and high-range frequencies well.

Very Durable – while the guarantee is only two years, Many owners of the original models have had them for ten years.

Why What Others Say About Them

The Sennheiser HD25 headphones have much punch in them, letting you feel the rhythm while pulling you into the groove of the music.

Perfect for DJs as they reproduce a clear flat sound.

Durable, comfortable, and lightweight, and every part are replaceable. 

Skullcandy Hesh 3 wireless headphones

Skullcandy Hesh 3 wireless headphones terraify
Skullcandy Hesh 3 wireless headphones


  • 4 Hour Battery Life from 10 minutes charge
  • Noise isolating fit
  • Microphone call track and volume control
  • Collapsible design


  • Not the best noise cancelation


Why We Like It


The design of the Hesh 3 is sleek and lightweight.

Due to the nature of the design of the Hesh 3, the headphones sit with a low profile on your head.

The Hesh 3 headphones are designed for easy storage as they fold up.

You can easily pack them into any backpack or storage facility.

Looking at the box, you can tell that the headphones are slimmer than usual.

Ear Cups/Cushions

The ear cups are made of memory foam inside and then covered in faux leather on the outside.

I think that it will do well for about three straight hours of listening, after which it is advised that you remove the ear pads and give yourself a break.

The ear cups do swivel inwards for ease of storage.

I like this feature as the headphones can be placed with the smallest luggage and will not be a burden when traveling.

Sound Quality

Skullcandy’s signature sound is delivered through 40mm drivers.

The Sound delivered is crystal clear and gives life to various music genres.

The one thing that skull candy has done, which is not in line with past conventions, is to make the sound profile appeal to as many people as possible.

This time, they decided to make a full switch and optimize the mids and treble.


Incoming calls can be answered by using the buttons on the ear cup to answer.

The earcup buttons also allow you to change tracks and adjust the volume without pulling out your phone.

The Hesh 3 comes with voice prompts that tell you when your device is paired and when your device is on low battery.

Looking at the controls, you will notice that most of the action occurs on the right earcup.

The right ear cup includes the headphone jack, the micro USB slot, the volume up and down functions, and the multi-function button that allows you to answer calls and play and pause music.


The Skullcandy Hesh 3 comes with 22 hours of battery life.

You can also access wired listening by plugging in the backup aux cable.

The other amazing feature of these headphones is that they come with some incredible fast charging capabilities.

Three hours is about the most that I have ever heard of.

Bose and Sony do not give you that much, and those headphones can retail at the double the cost of a Skullcandy. 4 hours for 10 minutes of charging is incredible.

Listening time is approximately 22 hours uninterrupted.


The inside headband slider is made of metal, which is good as it ensures that the headband is not fragile.

Fortunately, there are a variety of colors in the Hesh 3 range.

Skull candy designed these cans in black, red, and white.

They were skimpy on the padding and could have put a little more.

I suppose that this was done to cut costs.

However, these headphones can get a pass on little headband padding because they are so light that they are unlikely to cause any severe pressure on the top of your head.


Plantronics BackBeat Go 810 Wireless

Plantronics BackBeat Go 810 Wireless-Terraify
Plantronics BackBeat Go 810 Wireless


  • 40 mm drivers that deliver rich, detailed audio
  • Active Noise Canceling
  • 22 hours of wireless listening with ANC
  • 28 hours of wireless listening without ANC
  • Memory foam earcups for long-lasting comfort


  • Materials are not the strongest.

Why We Like It

Extended Battery Life

The battery life is solid, with 22 hours of uninterrupted playback time.

This is achievable with 2 hours of uninterrupted charging.

The headphones can play continuously without Active noise cancellation for up to 28 hours.

Quick charging of 10 minutes provides 3 hours of playback time, which is pretty impressive and comparable to higher-end models.

Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

Plantronics has made a habit of making their headphones class 1 Bluetooth compatible.

The range of the Backbeat Go 810 is up to 164ft / 50m, which is more than sufficient, as I would never be that far away from my device.

The headphones are Bluetooth 5.0 compatible.

Unfortunately, the Backbeat Go 810’s do not connect to multiple devices, the maximum number being 2.

Call Quality

The app has an HD voice call feature, which, when activated, provides life-like call capabilities.

Active Noise Cancellation

Noise-canceling in these headphones was rather mediocre.

But, when I was on a workout, I preferred to have some high-tempo music as I put on sweat, so noise cancellation was not a deal-breaker.


The accompanying app is available on both the i store and google play.

However, you can set the noise cancellation to High/Low and off using the app.

The backbeat Go 810 supposedly comes with a noise cancellation button.

This happens when you press the volume up and down buttons and hold them down for 2 seconds.

With the Backbeat Go app, you can personalize your headset EQ by selecting bright and balanced EQ settings.


Given that I use my cans at the gym, the 20 hours of continuous playback time last me roughly 2-3 weeks straight without needing to charge my cans.


I was impressed with the tactile response and the simplicity of the controls.

I think these wireless over-ears are fairly decent and would recommend them, particularly for the gym, but even for listening to your favorite jams.

The controls located on the left and right ear cups allow you to, among other things, take calls, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and turn the active noise cancellation on and off (take this claim with a pinch of salt).


The padding on the top of the headband is sufficiently thick to ensure that the cans do not hurt the top of your head when wearing them.

When you extend the headband, you will notice that the slider is made of metal.

In addition, the slider is also colored in a color that can only be described as something between gold/rose gold or copper (but still very stylish).

Clamp Force

The Backbeat Go 810’s have a decent amount of clamp force and stick to the head.

I felt that they were excellent at the gym and stable when jogging.


The audio was detailed and thorough, which was very impressive.

The 40mm drivers provide these headphones with detailed, rich audio, which allows you to hear every note.

The mids were also incredibly detailed and spoke to me.

Throughout the range, the vocals and instruments were clear and crisp.

I felt the Bass was decent at best. If you are not a lover of hip hop/house or EDM, you may not be too concerned about the performance of the Bass.

Whenever I put headphones Bass to the test, I will generally listen to tracks such as still Dre by Dr. Dre as these bring out the best in the Bass.


Beats Studio3 Wireless

Beats Studio3 Wireless-Terraify
Beats Studio3 Wireless


  • Pure adaptive Noise-canceling
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Real-time Audio calibration
  • Up to 22 hours of battery life
  • Multifunction on-ear controls


  • I think that they have not catered to the people with larger ears.

Why We Like It


On the right ear cup, you have the power on button, your LED notification which tells you your battery life, and the micro USB slot.

A double tap of the power button activates the active noise cancellation.

You have a 3.5mm port and an LED on the left ear cup, which signifies your Bluetooth connectivity or status.

The left ear cup also includes controls for media and calls.

Pressing the “b” on the headphones will be your multi-function button.

One press of the b will play/pause, a double press will skip forward, and a triple press will skip backward, and you can press and hold to activate the voice assistant.

When a call comes in, you will simply press the “b” once to take the call, and when you want to end a call, you will press the “b” once.

You will notice that there are two circles on the ear cups.

The inner circle with the Beats “b” is for changing tracks and making calls.

The outer circle is for adjusting the volume.

The upper portion of the circle increases the volume, and the bottom portion decreases the volume.


With the Beats wireless studio three headphones, you can get up to 22 hours of battery life with active noise cancellation and Bluetooth.

The headphones can give you up to 40 hours of battery life without active noise cancellation, which is also pretty good.

Quick Charge

Ten minutes gives you 3 hours of playback time.


But you will notice that the Wireless 3’s have had the base slightly toned down to give them a more neutral sound.

In my view, I feel like the sub-base has been toned down a little excessively.

The headphones do not extend as deeply as one would expect.

The base seems to focus on the mid-base and upper base regions, which tend to bleed into the mid-range.

In my view, the base tightness, the focus, the sense of dynamics, and the impact are mediocre.

It sounds a bit fat and almost monotone, not quite, but almost.

Fit and comfort

Clamping pressure is high, which is great for high-intensity workouts as the headphones do not fall off.

There is no pinching or sharpness at the crumb of the head.

The foam ear cups and leatherette material on the ear pads were good enough to ensure that I did not experience fatigue and did not sweat under the headphones.


The ear cushions are made of memory foam, are finished with synthetic leather, and are quite comfortable.

Noise Cancellation

As expected, the beats studio three wireless headphones have adaptive noise cancellation.

Their ANC technology, Pure ANC, ensures you can shut out the outside world.

Are Beats good for working out?

The short answer is yes. This is predominantly due to the sound quality.

The way that Beats headphones reproduce Sound is unlike anything, especially in Bass.

The thump and Bass make them the perfect companion for the treadmill.

Bose QuietComfort 45 Review

Bose QuietComfort 45 Review-Terraify
Bose QuietComfort 45 Review


  • Noise Cancelation
  • Active EQ
  • Quiet and Aware Modes
  • Adjustable EQ
  • 24 hours of battery life from a single charge
  • 15-minute charge offers 3 hours


  • The highs can be sibilant in some cases.

Why We Like It

Noise-canceling wireless headphones

Small microphones measure, compare and react to outside Noise using opposite signals to cancel it.

We are giving you the perfect combination of silence, comfort, and Sound.

High-Fidelity Audio

A TriPort acoustic architecture provides depth and fullness.

Volume-optimized Active EQ

It keeps the performance of the volume stable, so Bass remains consistent, even when reduced, and the music remains clear when turned up.

Quiet and Aware Modes

Turn on aware Mode to simultaneously bring the outside into your environment and music.

Quiet Mode provides full Noise canceling.

Extended Battery Life

Plugin the included audio cable to listen for even longer in wired Mode.

The headphones provide 24 hours of battery life when fully charged, and you get 3 hours from a 15-minute quick charge.

Maximize the power of adjustable.

EQ sets the Bass, mid-range, and treble levels or selects several preset options.

Buyers Guide For the Best Over-Ear Headphones for working out

Level of protection against water

As you sweat, you will want headphones that will not slip off.

All headphones on this list have very good clamping force and can stay affixed when you sweat.

A leather headband and ear cushions may not absorb sweat well, and you must wipe your headphones after your gym session.

Ear cushions and headbands made of mesh or similar material may absorb sweat better.

You may also want headphones with an IPX rating of 4 and above.

Clamping Force

Clamping force determines how well your headphones and ear cups stick to your face.

Intensive exercises such as running or any exercise involving jumping require quite a bit of clamping force


If you exercise from home or prefer to leave your phone in your gym bag, then usually 10m/30ft Bluetooth is sufficient.

Most headphones on this list have at least a 30ft Bluetooth range.

If you want to listen to music without latency, then APTX or Bluetooth 5.0 headphones will do the job.

Battery Life

Workouts are usually an hour or so per day, so you do not need long battery life for workout headphones.

However, the longer the battery life, the less you must remember to charge your headphones.

Fit, Comfort, and Design

This is crucial as you do not want to pay attention to your headphones and would rather focus on your exercise.

Over-Ear headphones for exercise should be lightweight and stern.

They should ideally resist sweat as well.


As you will be carrying these headphones around, they should be firm.

Noise Cancellation

This is optional, depending on whether you like music during your workout, silence, or something in between.

Sometimes the gym can be noisy, and if you want to focus on the workout, you may want noise cancellation.

You may also want some nice bassy headphones for added motivation during the workout.

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