How To Print From Iphone To Canon Printer 2022
How To Print From Iphone To Canon Printer
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How To Print From Iphone To Canon Printer 2022

Canon is Best Color Printer For Home Use and Are you thinking about how to connect a Canon printer to an iPhone?

Guide to Connect a Canon Printer to an iPhone-Terraify
Guide to Connect a Canon Printer to an iPhone

Guide to Connect a Canon Printer to an iPhone

Apple has developed many applications to print from an iPhone compatible with the canon printer. These applications are named Air print and Google Drive Print. Moreover, another essential tool that can print from the iPhone is the Canon app. 

You can download it from iTunes to print from the iPhone. Canon is a multinational brand specializing in manufacturing optical and imaging products. Recently, users have been interested in Canon printers due to their high-quality printing. Canon printers are widely chosen due to their compatibility and the best results. When an iPhone user wants to print a document through Canon print, the below information provided can be of enormous help.

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Printing From Air Print Compliant Device

This blog explains how a user can use Air Print for remote printing from an iPad, iPod, or iPhone when connected to the Canon printer.

AirPrint enables a user to print emails, site pages, documents, and photographs from an Apple gadget directly through a Canon printer without installing the drivers.

Check Environment Canon Printer To An iPhone.

The first step and foremost step is to check the user’s environment.

Airprint Operation Environment-To utilizes Air Print; the user will require any of the beneath referenced gadgets with the most recent iOS version:

  • iPad (all models)
  • iPod (3rd generation or later)
  • iPhone (3GS or later)

Network Environment: Make sure any of the Apple gadgets and the Canon printer should be connected to a similar Wi-Fi network.

Canon Printing With Apple Air Print

Canon Printing With Apple Air Print-Terraify
Canon Printing With Apple Air Print

Canon Printing With Air Print

  • To connect a Canon printer to an iPhone, it is advised that the user check the connection status and then proceed further with the printing.
  • Firstly, ensure that the Canon iPhone printer is turned on and connected to LAN.
  • Using the app on an Apple device, the user must tap the operation icon to get menu options.
  • In the menu choices, tap the Print choice to continue.
  • Under Printer choices, the user needs to choose the model being utilized.

Important Notes To Keep In Mind

  • It may be possible that printer options need to be displayed, as some apps do not support the feature. The print task cannot be done if an app does not allow the user to use printer options.
  • The printer options vary as per the app and model of the Canon printer. As a rule, when the print is tapped and a model name is chosen, the screen displays references underneath.

Printer: Select the model of wireless LAN which can be used.

Copies: Choose the total number of copies to be printed.

Duplex Printing: If your Canon printer model supports duplex printing, select the option of ON or OFF.

Range: The pages that can be used with a particular app and file type.

  • To get the first copy, click + or – in to set the required documents.
  • In case of duplex printing, click On to enable and Off to disable.
  • If a file type with multiple pages is being printed, click Range and select the Range of pages or All pages option.
  • Lastly, tap the Print option.

When the printing is executed, the printer prints as per the defined and specified settings.

Checking the Print Status:

  • When a user inquiries about connecting a Canon printer to iPhone, then it is advised to check the following things-
  • While printing, the user will discover the Print icon displayed in the recently used application list, which can be utilized to prevent print progress.
  • To get the list of the latest used apps, tap the home button twice on the Apple device. The print icon will be displayed at the bottom of the Home screen.
Air Print Troubleshooting-Terraify
Air Print Troubleshooting

Air Print Troubleshooting

If the document does not get printed, you should consider checking the following steps-

  • Ensure the power of the machine is On. If it is already On, then turn it off and back again. Then, at that point, check if the issue is settled.
  • Ensure that the desktop is related to the same community as the iOS device.
  • Check for the Printer’s ink and paper.
  • If the Printer has an LCD monitor, the user needs to check for no error message on the monitor.

If the printer issue persists, printer drivers can be used to execute printing work.

What To Do If iPhone Devices Is Not Responding/Connecting to Wireless Printer?

Although the iPhone easily connects to wireless printer models, this direct connections guide sometimes takes work to manage when it fails to work out.

If your iPhone does not respond to communicate with a wireless printer, then you can solve this problem with the following guidelines in below:

  • Restart/reboot your iPhone, Printer, and Router devices.


When iPhone devices have connections problem, restart the devices.

Restart your iPhone with these step work:

Method I

Press & hold the power button till the slide to power off option displays.

Method II

Swipe the slider right, and your phone will shut down. After a few seconds, press the power button, and your device will turn on.

Rebooting/restarting your Canon printer devices and router is more straightforward as you have to unplug them and plug them back in.

How to update My Printer and iPhone?

If your iPhone and printer devices model is running through an outdated software version, then it might be causing problems or hindrances for your iPhone devices to connect with printer machines.

Steps to update your iPhone devices:

1. Open iPhone main menu and then click on the settings folder.

2. Now: Select the General field from the settings in the window.

3. Click “Software Update” to install new updates on iPhone devices.

4. If any updates are available, click the “download and install” button.


Please check whether your Printer needs to be updated, check on the printer model developer website, and install its new updates.

If you detect a more complicated software version problem or hardware issue causing connections issue, you should contact the Apple support team and discuss the matter with them.

You can set up an online chat or phone appointment through the Apple support web. Get In Touch With Apple Support Team. 


To get additional information on connecting a Canon printer to an iPhone, the support team of Canon can be reached. The executives in the support team will help the users with all the required information. The support team can be reached 24*7 using phone or email services. 

The best part is that the support services are available round the clock. The contact information is readily available on Canon’s official website.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Why is my Canon printer not connecting to my iPhone?

If your Canon printer is not continuously connecting to your iPhone, ensure that the iPhone is just updated to the latest version and that the airplane mode is not turned on.
 To update the iPhone, open phone settings and then tap on General > Software Update. Tap on the Download bad Install option for any available update.

How do I connect my Canon printer to my phone wirelessly?

To wirelessly connect your Canon Printer to your phone, open the Canon print app and navigate to Add Printer> Register Printer > Printer Setup > Connect Via Wireless Router.
Next, you will see a prompt to connect your phone to the Canon IL setup network.

Can I print directly from my iPhone?

You can use AirPrint to print wirelessly to an AirPrint-supported printer. You will find many apps on the App Store that support AirPrint. Make sure to connect the iPhone and the Printer to the same network to print.

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